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The folk musik group Rezeda was formed in 1987 in Dunaszeg, a small village next to the city Győr. The group now has about 25-30 members, most of which are students of primary and grammar schools, some attend a collage or work.

They play a significant role in the presentation of the Hungarian culture. The group has made it it's duty to learn and to present the cultural traditions Hungary's, to make popular the original folk musik not only of it's native village and this neighbourhood, but also of the whole country and the Hungarian-speaking areas abroad.

The group plays some of the most frequent folk instruments/cither, flute, koboz, violin, drum ecc./, but the most important performance is singing.

The Rezeda has shown it's skills at many festivals in Hungary an in foreign countries as well: in Slovakia, Liechtenstein, Denmark, Bohemia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. It has released several radio and television recordings.

For it's archievements the band was appreciated by professional circles too, when 1993, 1995, 1997, 2001 and 2003 the most important diploma of merit intended for folk musik groups wasawarded to it.

The first cassette and CD of the group were recorded in the year 2000 in honour of the millennium.

Address: László Kozma
Liget u. 18.